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Exquisite Mane is a hair sales brand passionate about giving you quality hair extensions.

We strive on delivering luxurious hair care products that best suit you.

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About Us

Mission Statement

Exquisite Mane is a hair brand that offers you all you need for your protective style and hair care routine under one roof.

We pride ourselves in providing services like no other. 

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Exquisite Mane, and we believe without our adorable customers, there is no Exquisite Mane.

Our Story

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Exquisite Mane is a black-owned company. The lack of competence, knowledge, and experience across numerous hair outlets led to the development of the concept.
Customers who shop with Exquisite Mane can expect a helpful and informed service. Providing high-end, opulent hair extensions and other goods that are fit for individuals is something we are passionate about. In terms of buying hair products, our goal is to make clients happy.

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